Electronic Clutter and Nostalgia

Russell Canoe Livery Employee Party 1998

Russell Canoe Livery Employee Party 1998

This picture highlights so many of my best memories from my childhood summers.  Front and center, barefoot and with a huge smile on my face, I look all of 12, even though I was probably 17 at the time.  There are several people in this picture who had a huge impact on my childhood.  Sadly, some are no longer with us.  Others have unforgivably grown up.  This is only one of several items that I came across today.  Papers from an honors course I took at Michigan State back in 2003 here.  Outlines for story ideas based on my study abroad experiences there.  It made me stop and wonder where I went so wrong.  I have my theories.

What happened to the optimistic girl from 1998?  Where is the girl from 2003 who is about to graduate from Michigan State and take on the world?  Are they still in me somewhere?  I sure hope so.  They would be so disappointed.


Merida, Mexico 2003

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