Of Witchy Wolves and Writing

After all these years, I finally edited my original work. Check out the new, improved version. The links are still correct.

Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde


One of my oldest pieces of writing that survives online is my take on the witchy wolves of the Omer plains.  You can find it here over at Michigan’s Other Side.  I wrote it specifically for the website back in 2006-2007.

My dilemma is now this.  I have grown leaps and bounds as a writer since then.  There are many things I would like to correct in the original.  At the same time, people seem to find and enjoy the original – particularly locals.  The witchy wolf legend is going nowhere.  This is exactly why I wrote the piece in the first place.  Currently. It seems to come up every six months or so.  Why fix it?

Even though my every instinct as a writer is to polish the piece and have the website publish that instead, there really is no reason to do so.  I need to learn…

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4 thoughts on “Of Witchy Wolves and Writing

  1. Donnie l Boursaw

    Read the post and agree with you, your writing has improved tremendously. I would leave it as it is and when you get discouraged about your progress as a writer reread it. If you want to revise it, do so, but don’t change the original. There is an innocence of youth and expectation reflected in your words that will be missing in a revision. It has the seeds of a great short story.


  2. keskeyka

    You are so creative! Witchy wolves…Check out my drawing of a wolf in my new book Blown out of Orbit coming out in a few weeks.It resembles your picture of a wolf of Omer!  I love your writing. It feels like you are right here talking to me. And you have so much energy. I couldn’t comment on your blog site because I didn’t know the url. Sorry



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