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Alumni BricksDear D., Continued – Revisited

Dear D. – Revisited

I’ve struggled for nearly two months to write this post.  It is time.  Back in mid-June, I spent the afternoon in East Lansing with my friend Lauri.  While it was not our only intent, we sought the memorial brick my cousin Lugene’s family placed on campus in her memory.  If it weren’t for Lugene, Lauri and I probably would have never met.  Spending time with Lauri searching for Lugene’s memorial brick seemed fitting.  After all, as dedicated genealogists, Lauri and Lugene spent countless days researching in Michigan cemeteries.  Here we were searching for Lugene.

When we did finally locate her memorial brick, it completely caught me off-guard.  It is located near the gardens where I found myself on a first date with a guy I dated briefly while at MSU – a very fun first date.  I had completely forgotten.  While MSU…

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2 thoughts on “MSU and Memories

  1. keskeyka

    Hey girl. Your inner self is the same fierce, vibrant, try it out, girl it always was. You just have a bunch of “ghost riders” in the way that you didn’t have back then. But you also have perspective and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every day. Pat your self on the back, indulge in some self-care, and give your self deep forgiveness! You are cherished and loved and dive deeply into that feeling. The best to you. Kristin

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