The Temptations – My Girl (1965)

The Temptations – My Girl (1965) (Video) (Lyrics)

(Written January 17, 2023)

Ah, My Girl!  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know or love the song.  I think it comes with being a girl who grew up in Michigan.  As much as I love the song, it is the movie My Girl (1991) that holds the most memories.  Per usual, Grandma Reid took my sister Erica and me to see it in the theater.

At that point in 1991, I was 10 years old and could relate to Vada.  I happen to be roughly the same age as the protagonists (Vada and Thomas J.), and frankly, I could see myself becoming fast friends with Vada.  She loved to write, had a great sense of fashion, and seemed like a lot of fun.  I could imagine us dishing about our crushes as only preteen girls can.  I felt for her when Thomas J. died.

After the movie, we headed over to KMart where my sister and I purchased a Temptations/Four Tops CD to share.  The fact that we “shared” a CD highlights just how young we were.  For the record, my sister and I have never had the exact same taste in music.  I can think of only one other CD that we both purchased later on in our teen years.  It wasn’t so much that our musical taste varied that much, it is just that we were very different teenage girls.  Some of our best arguments were over what music to play in the car on that all-important 10 minute drive to school.

My Girl is timeless.  It represents my love of Motown and will always remind me of the movie and a simpler time in my life.

2 thoughts on “The Temptations – My Girl (1965)

  1. Donnie Boursaw

    I have been reading your latest entries and am totally impressed by the improvement in your writing. Maybe it is because you are writing about something you love. You have become more concise and to the point, you are not wasting your time trying to sound like a writer anymore, you are a writer, and you definitely have something to say. Right now, this world could use a dose of nostalgia and you have given it to them through memories of a time when “actual” music was produced. How many groups or songs being sold today do you think will be remembered 50 years from now? The trend is not towards music (the actual composition of words and notes combined to make a melody) but a mixture of noise and sounds that create a cacophony that jars the nerves, beats the brain, and breaks the eardrum.

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    1. lindseyrussell1980 Post author


      Once again, thank you for the compliment. I’ve been wanting to do this a very long time. I just finally figured out a way that made sense and allowed me the opportunity to share videos and lyrics without copyright issues. I’m having so much fun with it. Ideas for the project are nearly endless.

      I agree with you regarding music. I’m glad that the music I grew up with in the 80s and 90s was so heavily inspired by that of the 60s, the Beatles in particular. Wait, I will talk about it. It is no coincidence that the Beatles’ Anthology project (book and albums) came out when they did. 90s music would have looked very different without the 60s.




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